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Find & Hire Temporary Workers With HireLabas Group

HireLabas group – was created to provide an innovative solution to your manual labourer problems and needs. We provide a singular point for you to find workers for various industries. We offer European temporary labour, with a primary focus on Lithuanian workers.

Lithuanian labour is appreciated for the experience and hard work ethic that each worker brings. If you need to temporarily hire workers, such as for big projects or seasonal demand, Lithuanian workers are valued for their commitment and expertise.

They can also be hired at a very agreeable price.

So, why should you use our outsourcing services? Rather than go to different labourers, we offer one place to find Lithuanian workers across various trades. Just tell us exactly what you need and we will work with our network of partners to create the perfect solution!


We can offer a quote for any seasonal position!

Contact us:

Company: UAB Nermeka

KVK: 72876034

Vestigingsnr: 000040958582

Address: Vasaros Str. 24, Marijampole

Phone: +370 631 14434


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Hy there, Upstanding news ! a filamentousoffers

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Prettig, duidelijk, goede kwaliteit.

uit Oos West en Middelbeers
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Een zeer goede vakman komt zijn afspraak na en levert het prima af zeer netjes.

uit Tilburg
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Super goede uitleg

uit Bosschenhoofd
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Kundig vakman. Klantvriendelijk persoon en prettig in de omgang.

uit Breda
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Anton is een correcte vriendelijke man met een grote dosis vakmanschap. Een harde werker die ook zijn afspraken nakomt. Kortom voor ons de juiste man.

JJM uit Tilburg

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